What would you do with 200 years?

200-year warranty

Hey John here, and I’m really excited to announce our new approach to enhance the car buying experience and give customers a piece of mind. We now offer a 200-year engine warranty on all of our certified vehicles. So basically, on top of the fact that all of our vehicles go through a vigorous 140-point inspection, now every customer has the opportunity to purchase a vehicle with a guaranteed 200-year engine warranty. Think it sounds too good to be true? It is pretty awesome and there’s no catch. For over 2 decades, we’ve been dedicated to our loyal customers and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance their car buying experience. I’ve said before that we’ll be redefining the car industry and I meant it.

We’re not just another used car dealership, for us it’s all about forging relationships with people in the community that we love. We work with absolutely everybody and make sure that we resolve any issues that could prevent a person from purchasing the vehicle of their dreams.

We know that one of the biggest concerns when purchasing a used car is the engine. It’s our aim to give that extra-added piece of mind and that’s why we decided to offer the 200-year engine warranty. Why 200 years? Why not. The HGreg team is one big family and we are passionate about the car business. So from our family to yours, stop by our dealership and let your experience with us speak for itself. What would you do with 200 years?

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