Road Trip Therapy


Alone Road Trip Therapy

The process of being focused on the road while operating a car keeps a person’s mind in the present moment. This is allows our minds to relax and have a sense of freedom from thoughts that pop up in our heads nonstop. Solo road trips has many benefits, such as increasing self-awareness and insight into one’s own life, create a sense of self-nurturing and self-appreciation, acceptance, fun, and inner rejuvenation.

Where To Go

There are beautiful beaches along A1A on the East Coast of Florida. These beaches tend to be very different from each other. Deerfield Beach has a long pier where fishermen go and surfers catch waves. The beaches in Jupiter are nearly 2 hours away from Miami. Between the road and the beach there are boardwalks and little jungles you can venture through.

Key West is where US1 ends and there’s a mile marker for it. It’s a scenic driving experience. Your view will be the beautiful color of the ocean, bridges, big houses, yachts and more.

Another idea is to just drive where your heart tells you to, but remember to carry a GPS device just in case.

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