Research: Drivers Recognize Their Bad Habits, But Don’t Change Them


AAA released a case study about Driving Behavior to provide us with the reality of drivers’ mentality.

Texting: According to the release, 84% of drivers state it’s completely unacceptable to text or write emails while driving yet more than 1/4th drivers admitted they had done so. Other results showed that 1/3rd of these has had a family member who was severely injured in a car crash, and 1/10th have experienced crashes themselves. According to AT&T, 98% who have phones and drive text regularly and are aware of the possible dangers.
Red Lights: 55% drivers said that running a red light is a severe threat and 73% stated that running red lights is unacceptable yet 1/3 drivers admitted that they ran red lights in the past 30 days.
The President/CEO of AA Foundation for Traffic Safety said “It is very disappointing that we continue to see a prevailing attitude of ‘do as I say, not as I do,’ where large numbers of motorists seem to recognize the risks of certain behaviors but do them anyway.”
Bad habits are like a comfortable bed. It’s so easy to get in but hard to get out of; however, if we want to see changes in safety on the road begins with ourselves.
Here are a few suggestions that we can all put into practice: Putting cellphone somewhere the driver can’t reach, if we have to be somewhere we can leave a lot earlier to keep calm on the way to where we have to be, if there’s someone else in the car ask them to read and text our messages if we have to.

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