Five Ways To Cope With Traffic Jam Using Technology


Time in traffic seems to go slower and it’s hard to be patient. Lucky for us, car technology can make a big difference.

1. Navigation System

Get out of traffic by searching for an alternative route on your in-car navigation system. This system shows you detours for getting around traffic jams faster and efficiently. Also, NavTraffic is a part of satellite radio SiriusXM. It gives information on accidents on the road, current traffic speed, constructions, road closings, and weather conditions.

2. Seamless Connectivity

Sometimes there’s simply no way around a traffic jam. So what do you do? Many in-car infotainment systems allow you to link your smartphone to your car. You can make and answer calls with the controls on the wheel or your voice. Let the people at your destination know that you’re in traffic.

3. Premium Audio And Entertainment System

Your sound system, with premium quality sound, can save you to disconnect from traffic stress. You have a variety from satellite radio, to your own MP3 music, or internet radio streamed through your smartphone.

4. Luxury Comfort Features
It’s until you’re stuck and coping in traffic that you really appreciate the importance of having a comfortable interior in your car, and the way it’s built to insulate you from the noise outside. This comfort makes you at ease and enjoy the interior of your car to its fullest.
5. Saving Fuel
The feeling of anxiety of having very low fuel while stuck in traffic can be high to a point it’s exhausting and annoying, it’s no fun. There’s advanced fuel saving technology to avoid these worries. Features like Start-stop and Buick’s eAssist technology are made to reduce the fuel wasted while standing. Start-stop works by seamlessly turning off your engine when you stop completely and starting the engine again when pressing gas pedal.

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