5 Apps and Websites to Beat Traffic


Even though we have GPS in our cars, it would be convenient to know traffic before heading out, especially to create a safer route from traffic before driving.

Search: 511 Traffic

See what’s available for your area. These sites tend to be hosted by the local government or a private company, easily available for every area, and transit-friendly (including bus, rail, cycling and walking.)

Search: “(State, City, or Zip Code here) Traffic”

If you’re searching for the traffic of a very small area that doesn’t appear in an App you can always search by zip code. This becomes handy especially when you’re traveling.

Search: Best Traffic App

Even though all apps tend to be cheap or free it takes a little time to find a reliable one. To find the ideal one faster, check the date of its release and when it was last updated. CHP Traffic is an app that has been highly recommended.

Beat The Traffic

It’s free with a lot of advertisement, or you can get it for $3.99 with all the ads removed. It’s available for all smartphone platforms and as a website. You can personalize this app by going to “Settings.” One of the settings even included setting the “incident severity” as high, medium, or low.


This app works on multiple platforms such as BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. This app starts as free but has an upgrade fee of $24.99; however, the free app includes an “incidents” function that provides alternative routes around the reported incident.

*Extra Tip

This might sound exaggerated but when going to work or school in the morning if you leave 10 minutes earlier than you normally would, you’ll notice a big difference. Try it! it has worked for many people.

For more information: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lori-mccoy/apps-and-websites-to-beat-traffic_b_1391690.html

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