Top 10 Apps That Are Your Car’s Best Friends

Nowadays there’s apps for everything and anything. Having certain apps come in handy for things you plan for, perhaps a trip, and don’t plan for, mechanical problems. Also, performance testing of your car can come easy when you have the right app. That’s why we dedicated an article to save you time when you’re in these kind of situations.

1. GasBuddy (Free)

You don’t have to drive around to find the cheapest gas station around you. You might waste more than the fuel you’re saving once you get to the ideal gas station. has an easy-to-use format app that includes the grades of gas and diesel around your current location. In addition, this app gives you driving directions.

2. Dynolicious Classic ($8.99)

This app uses your iPhone’s built-in accelerometers to measure lateral and longitudinal acceleration along with horsepower. it’s helpful whether you want compete or show off your car to your friends. You can graph, save and compare results, too. Compared to the Racelogic Vbox, this app saves you $19,990.

3. Repair Pal (Free)

If your car is down in and you’re stuck in an area you’re not familiar with or simply want to get your car fixed at a reasonable price, this app comes in handy. Plus, calling different mechanics around town for repair quotes can be a really tedious work when Repair Pal can do it for you.

4. Witness Driving ($0.99)

This app works as a dash cam, using it can be a great way to avoid insurance fraudsters, bad drivers, and undeserved tickets.

It comes with an accident detection feature and allows you to record time, date, speed, location and acceleration.

5. Waze (Free)

This app helps you save time and gas by detecting traffic. It shows a map that surrounds the streets of your current location and the traffic speed. Try using it before heading out to avoid looking at your phone while driving.

6. Honk ($0.99)

Do you constantly have to park in garages or in unfamiliar areas?  It can be stressful not to remember where you parked or how much time you have on the meter, especially if you’re tired after a long day. This app marks where you parked with a GPS pin and it works even if you parked in a subterranean structure. You can verify how much time you have left on the meter, move the pin, take a photo, and make notes of where you left the car.

7. Car Minder Plus ($2.99)

This app is like having a personal maintenance manager in your phone. It reminds you of your scheduled maintenance, tracks your fuel economy, and logs of all your services and repairs.

8) Real Racing 3 (Free)

It’s just a car game with amazing graphics but don’t underestimate its power. When you have kids in your car it can be hard to keep them well behaved so this is when this game can come in handy.

9) PlugShare (Free)

This app comes in handy if you have a plug-in hybrid or full-blown EV. It finds the closest charge station for you and even specifies which ones are home, public, quick-charge and in use.

10) Augmented Driving ($2.99)

This app provides a safer trip on the road by detecting vehicles in front of the host vehicle, alerting drivers when they are in danger.

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