Parents! Keep Your Children and Pets Safe This Summer


It is always tragic hearing about children and pets that are left inside hot vehicles. This is something to be cautious of all year round but especially during the extremely hot summer months. We want to remind all parents and guardians not to leave children and pets in hot vehicles, even for a minute. It doesn’t take long for tragedy to strike.

It has been advised by experts that once temperatures reach about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, children and pets definitely should not be left in vehicles to run quick errands. When left in a vehicle, even with windows cracked, the temperature inside the vehicle can be substantially warmer than outside.

It sounds like common sense but even the smartest person can make a tragic mistake. We understand how busy and hectic your day can get but we urge you to never forget about your child or pet. Be sure to always look in your backseat before getting out of your vehicle. Sometimes people expect to leave their children and pets in their vehicles for only a minute or two. However, time can really sneak up on a person and the next thing they know, 15 minutes have gone by.

If you see a child or pet in a hot vehicle, immediately dial 911. It would be better for the police to get involved unnecessarily than for a child or pet to be seriously injured or worse. Don’t be afraid to get involved in another person’s business, because you might just save a life.

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