How To Stay Cool For The Summer



Some could argue that in Miami, it’s always hot but the summer months are brutal. Keeping cool when it’s hot out will not only make life more comfortable but it’s necessary. If your body overheats, you can suffer serious injuries.

Bring Your Ice Packs 

One obvious way to stay cool over the summer is by driving with your air conditioner on. However, if you’re air conditioner stops working or if you simply want to save money, be sure to drive with your ice packs. Put your ice packs in the freezer overnight and bring them with you in a cooler during the day. That way you can grab the ice packs out of the cooler whenever you need one for your neck, your wrists, etc.

Find shaded parking


Getting into a car that has been parked directly under the sun is very difficult, especially if you have leather seats. Ouch! Plus, the temperature on the inside of the car is always much hotter than the outside because the glass of your car insulates the heat. It’s like crawling into an oven. Parking under a shaded area is much better for you and your car. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool off the car.

Use a blanket and sun shade

Purchasing a sun shade, or a UV heat shield, is a great investment for those who can’t escape parking outdoors on hot days. Not only do they reduce interior temperature, but sun shades protect the car’s interior from harmful sun rays that penetrate windshields. If you live in a climate with months of hot weather, look into spending a little more and purchasing a custom-made sun shade online to cover the entire windshield. These will fit your windshield like a glove, and virtually no light and UV rays can get it.

Use bottom vents

Most people who enter a hot vehicle open the windows right away to immediately cool their upper body. Since heat rises, the best method is to push the hot air out from the bottom to cool the vehicle as quick as possible. Adjust the fan setting to “max” and close the upper vents so only the bottom vents closest to the ground are functioning. Pushing the air from the bottom to the top helps the stale hot air escape through the open windows. Once the hot air is pushed out, switch to the upper vents to stay cool while driving.

Toggle A/C settings

If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning, make sure you set it to “fresh air” and not “recirculation” when you first enter your vehicle. Recirculation draws in the interior air and typically works best once the vehicle has reached its desired temperature.

Recirculation is also great when you’re stuck in traffic as it prevents carbon monoxide emissions from other vehicles being pulled into your car. Get into the habit of switching to fresh air when you first turn your A/C on, and then switching to recirculation after 5 or 10 minutes.

Have A Great Playlist 

Sometimes we need to keep our cool when driving and I don’t mean temperature-wise. Make sure you have your playlist on point that will get you through those frustrating driving situations. You might want to include Demi Lovato’s new single “Cool For The Summer” to your playlist. Have a great summer!

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