Top 5 Things People Hate About Dealerships


The automotive industry has changed tremendously over the last decade. With strict guidelines, customer surveys, and the influx of information found on the Internet, the deal of today isn’t the same as it was before. That being said, we still hear the war stories out there from customers that have had less than desirable experiences when they’ve purchased cars in the past. We’ve outlined a few of those issues that people face that are still commonplace today.

1. Obnoxious and Rude Salespeople

2. Waiting around for an eternity

3. Selling you something you don’t want or need

4. Negotiating & Haggling

5. Not Getting a Fair Price

Many times when you speak to someone who’s just come from the car lot, you’ll hear a complaint about their salesperson or the manager being rude and obnoxious. While there is no excuse for bad-manners, obnoxious salespeople are often times what people should expect. What you’ll find at a reputable dealership are people anxious to make a living just like you. If you’re not comfortable with your sales rep or the manager, let them know. Most of the time you’ll find that these are every day, hardworking people that want to earn your business.

After you return from the test drive, there is a process and just like any other process out there, they take time. While it may seem that you’re waiting for an eternity to drive off into the sunset, you’ll have to go through the process from a-z like everyone else. They aren’t trying to keep you hostage. They’re working hard at securing a good deal for you. Many times that means contacting several banks in your favor to get you on the road. Be patient and don’t try to buy a car during your lunch break.

It seems that every car guy and gal in town wants to sell you something you either don’t want or don’t need. While we can appreciate that, we also know that if we don’t present the opportunity to you, you could be disappointed. The car business is a business, just like everything else. They are there to make money just like you have to at your job. The best thing we can say here is being comfortable saying “no”.

The one thing that is most common and most logical to why people hate visiting the dealership is simple. Everyone wants to get a fair deal. They want to know that they are getting the best price for the car they’re buying along with getting a reasonable offer for the dealership to buy the trade. This is how every dealership should operate, and most do.

Contact those with a good reputation or one you’ve been referred to. By taking the necessary precautions and being upfront with the salesperson regarding your goals, you’ll be that much more ahead of the game.

Buying a new or used car is exciting and can be a lot of fun, just keep in mind the end result of driving a really cool car, truck or SUV.

For more information on our new and used auto’s, contact us today!

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