3 Things to Look for in a Miami Dealership

Congratulations! You’ve likely decided that you’re in the market for a new or used car. That’s the first big step. Now, comes the process of deciding what and where you’ll want to purchase your car. While many people may think that all dealerships are made equal, the reality is they are not. You’ll want to ensure that the dealership you buy your next car from has the right experience for you. So, we’ve gone ahead and listed our three insider tips of what to look for in a Miami dealership!

Location, Location, Location


We all live busy lives and the weekends are spent, for the most part, trying to do what we really love (shopping, family, exercise, etc). So when it comes to finding a dealership, you’ll really want to have one that’s centralized and easy to access. There are no shortage of dealerships in the Miami area, but many lack the ability to get to easily and efficiently when your time is very valuable.

So what’s next for location? For the most part, you’ll want to try to stick to a dealership that is accessible by more than one main road. For example, at HGreg, we are not only accessible by Rt. 836, but also Rt. 826 and very close to the Ronald Reagan Turnpike. If the dealership you’re looking at for your next car is off the beaten path, then you may end up struggling to beat traffic there after or during work for a test drive, or even worse, spending your valuable weekend time trying to get there.

Finally, you may not have a current car to get to a dealership. With that said, you’ll want easy access to mass transportation options, like the bus. Having a dealership that’s on the bus route, like Hgreg, will make it a lot easier to get that new car you want and need! At the end of the day, make sure to keep location top of mind!

Price is Right

No, not the game show. We know that everyone talks about having the best prices. It’s a common message among dealerships. However, it’s fairly easy to do some simple research, such as calling the dealership, visiting and talking to a salesperson, or checking out an online selection, to weed out those that are true to their word. At Hgreg, we are true to our word and we do so through our lowest price in Miami. If you find a lower price it’s most likely that something is wrong with that car.

When it comes to comparing prices, there are several things to think about when you’re doing your research. First, remember that the price you’re seeing most likely doesn’t include vehicle registration fees, sales tax, documentation fees, and dealer fees. This is one reason it’s super important to find the very best price for the car itself. In addition, one dealership may have a great rate on a car only to find out they make up the difference elsewhere. Sneaky, sneaky.

Another great option for comparing prices and making sure you’re getting the very best deal is to use third-party independent car services. These services use data from dealerships to not only compare prices, but also the features you’re getting, and more. For example, at HGreg we use PureCars. The service is integrated into every one of our listings and allows you to easily see how the price, mileage and features compare to other similar cars. We believe that our listings are the very best and we back it up by using PureCars. Plain and simple.


Use Your Gut

Most of us can tell pretty quickly if something feels right or if it doesn’t. The reality is if you come to a dealership and it just doesn’t feel right, then you should walk away. Whether it’s a pushy salesperson, rude phone conversation, or glitches with the online search, you have the right to a great experience and should use your gut feeling when purchasing a new vehicle.


One way that HGreg makes our customers feel at home is what we call being Trust Verified. It’s our version of a seal of approval. Our goal is transparency. We check out our vehicles thoroughly and if it’s not good enough for our own families then we won’t sell it to you. We even allow you to drive the car off the lot and get it checked by your own mechanic before purchasing. It’s our way of gaining your trust and working to create a long term relationship with the customer.

At the end of the day, finding a dealership in Miami isn’t hard, but finding the right dealership that you can trust and have a great experience can be difficult. Do your homework, be knowledgeable about what you want, and use these tips. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at HGreg.com. We are here to give you the very best experience when it comes to purchasing a new car.


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