Three Ways to Buy a Car in Miami


You’ve saved up. You’ve decided you want a new car. You’ve even narrowed it down to the type and style of vehicle you want. But now comes the hardest part: where to buy?


One thing is for sure, there are no shortages of places to buy a car these days. The reality is that with the boom in technology and the Internet, it has made it especially easy to locate and buy. So what are we here to tell you today? We at HGreg want to help spotlight the most popular ways to find a car today and what’s going to work best to get you into your new car.

Personal Ads

Personal car listings have been around for a long time. They originated in places like newspapers, but quickly became so popular publications began printing their own classifieds. Even with all the digital options today, people still can find print classifieds and most major newspapers, even the local ones, have a section for them.

Now back to those digital options. Historically, platforms like craigslist have been an ideal place to find people selling their own personal items, such as a vehicle. However, A multitude of others exist as well. Similar to a listing you’d see in the paper, the online versions provide type, style, details and pricing.

When it comes personal ads, our recommendation is to basically be careful. While you can sometimes find one hell of a deal, the reality is that dealing with other individuals selling their vehicles leaves you vulnerable to many things, including false ads and uninspected vehicles. Now, that’s not to say it’s not a viable option, but one should be careful.

Online Sales

While online personal ads are a dime a dozen, there’s a recent trend in websites that are attempting to sell cars directly to you without you having to leave your couch. By visiting sites like Carvana, you can search an inventory of vehicles from anywhere. From there, you can check out all the details, including price, take a virtual tour and have it delivered to your door.


We aren’t sure about you, but this makes us nervous. There’s something about being able to physically see a vehicle and drive it that makes you feel better about the amount of money a car costs. Now that’s not to say that these types of selling options will not someday be the primary way people buy cars, but for now, this is another one to be cautious of.


There’s something about driving onto a car lot with the gleam of the cars, shine of the tires, and smiles of the sales associates, that makes dealerships a special experience. Now, we are a bit biased, but if you look at the reasons why a dealership is a great place to buy a car, we think you’ll agree. There may be fewer physical dealerships in Miami than any online options, but it also gives you the one thing those others don’t have, the opportunity to look, touch and drive immediately.


Some other reasons that a dealership might be the way to go for your next vehicle is that most offer an exchange policy. We know we have returned a few things in our days after buying them in the store and cars should be no different. For example, at HGreg, if you drive off the lot and don’t love your car, we have a 30 day exchange policy! Another reason dealerships are ideal is that they thoroughly inspect their vehicles before selling them. Most of them, like HGreg, have on-premise mechanics that make sure your new purchase is in top shape before you drive it home. Our cars are all HGreg TRUST Verified, too. You can read more about that here.

Lastly, in an age of screen to screen engagement that rules most of our days, it’s really nice to shake someone’s hand, look them in the eyes, and work together to find you what you need.


* Photo credit Flickr

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