5 Important Features Every Car in Miami Needs

There are only a few products that you can buy today, that are as diverse as cars. Hundreds of makes and models exist with even more features at your fingertips, such as air conditioning, power steering, GPS or Wi-Fi. However, when it comes to trying to figure out what features your next Miami car should have, we at HGreg have a few that stick out from the rest.

Roadside Assistance

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of roadside assistance. It’s a pretty common feature for a car owner, but usually, it comes after the purchase. Meaning, you’re likely to get it through a third party, like AAA, after you drive the car off the lot. Sometimes certain manufacturers will offer it as well with a purchase, but it can’t be guaranteed and is likely tied to a limited time promotion.

But what if you could guarantee it before even signing for your new car? HGreg offers one year of 24-hour roadside assistance with every vehicle purchase.


That’s right, nitrogen. Your tires are an expense you normally don’t think much about when it comes to purchasing a car. Even if your tires are new, in a year or so, they will have to be replaced. With many tires costing more than $100 a piece, you’re looking at a pretty big expense to get them replaced. So, if you could make them last longer, wouldn’t you?

That’s why at HGreg we fill all our cars’ tire with nitrogen. This helps your tires last up to 50% longer than those filled with regular air, improves fuel economy up to 10%, and decreases the likelihood of inflation problems by up to 75%. Now that’s a breath of fresh air.


Not many people are in the position to buy a new car in cash. For most of us, we need to go through the process of financing. While just about every car can come with financing these days, it’s more about the individual that affects what you can and cannot afford.

To make sure we get you the absolute best rate possible, we work with over 25 lenders. Approval is simple, and you could be out the door and into your car within in as little as 30 minutes—so you can start driving, faster.

Commission Free

If you buy your next car at a dealership, you’ll likely run into salespeople. They are there to help you in your car buying experience whether it be talking details, test driving, financing or filling out paperwork. What most people don’t realize is that many of these salespeople work on a commission which is a percentage of a total sale. What does this mean for you? They will want to try to get you into the most expensive car you can afford so they make more.

However, HGreg is different. Our associates are incentivized based on customer service performance, not by how many cars they sell. In fact, they all work commission-free, ensuring that they’ll help find a car that best suits your life.

The Right Price

What better feature can a car have than being the right price, right? Honestly, it’s probably one of the biggest concerns buyers have, which is thinking they can pay less for a car somewhere else.

At HGreg you don’t have to worry about buyer’s remorse. We offer the absolute lowest prices in Miami – guaranteed.

You can learn more about these features and more by visiting here or contacting an HGreg representative.

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