How To Protect Yourself From Hurricane Damaged Cars

In a recent article by USA Today, it states over a million cars are expected to be damaged or destroyed by the flooding and surge from Hurricane Harvey and Irma. So what does that mean for you? Well, if you’re looking to buy a used vehicle, there could be the potential that these cars make their way to dealers lots.

The article continues, explaining how this can happen, which is mainly through auctions after insurance companies are through with them, by sale by owner and forged documentation. Unfortunately, often times the sellers of these vehicles take it upon themselves to clean, replace and make the vehicles appear to be normal. What the unsuspecting buyer doesn’t know is that they are likely rotting from the inside out.

With all this in mind. We at, who are located in Miami and forged through Hurricane Irma like many others, wanted to provide car buyers with several ways they can make sure the car they are buying will last one the roads:

Use a car history report service:

You’ve likely heard of CarFax, but there are others as well, such as These services basically all do the same thing: look up the vehicle’s history so you know where it’s been and who owned it. The real advantage to these reports for hurricane areas is that you can see if the car you’re about to buy was in an area that sustained flooding or surge as well as whether an insurance company might have given the vehicle a flood or salvage title. At the end of the day, these are relatively cheap ways to gain a little extra peace of mind during your car buying experience.

Look over the car yourself:

Don’t sell yourself short! You can be your own best friend in these situations as you’re upfront and personal with the vehicle on the lot. Take some time to slowly look over every inch of the car or truck both inside and out. Does the car smell a little moldy? Do you see discoloration anywhere in the carpet or on the paint? Do you see a bit of rust forming on the undercarriage? These can all be things you can see with your own eyes. If you do see any of these issues, as the dealer what’s up and proceed to a local mechanic.

Go to a mechanic:

Ok, another possible no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take the car they are about to buy to a licensed mechanic, especially if you see any of the issues we previously mentioned above. In most cases, this happens because people think that dealer themselves is honest and has mechanics that probably checked the car over. While this often times is true, it’s like getting a second opinion on a medical diagnoses. It can’t hurt! Mechanics will often times charge you a small fee to go over the car, but many will do it for free as well. We highly recommend this step in the process.

Come to

Time for the shameless plug! But seriously, it’s for good reason. At, we thoroughly check our vehicles for speedometer inconsistencies, flood damage, total damage, rebuilt titles, and much more. And, yes, we even allow you to drive the car off the lot and get it checked by your own mechanic, before even purchasing it. We call of of this being a TRUST Verified dealer. At the end of the day, we even have a 7-day exchange policy.

So whether it’s a BMW and Mercedes or a Toyota and Ford, we want to make your car shopping experience a positive one. Even if it’s not with us! So protect yourselves out there, because as the USA Today article stated, over a million cars will likely be hitting lots near you and, trust us, you don’t want to be driving one of them.

Photo credit Flickr