5 Important Features Every Car in Miami Needs

There are only a few products that you can buy today, that are as diverse as cars. Hundreds of makes and models exist with even more features at your fingertips, such as air conditioning, power steering, GPS or Wi-Fi. However, when it comes to trying to figure out what features your next Miami car should have, we at HGreg have a few that stick out from the rest.

Roadside Assistance

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of roadside assistance. It’s a pretty common feature for a car owner, but usually, it comes after the purchase. Meaning, you’re likely to get it through a third party, like AAA, after you drive the car off the lot. Sometimes certain manufacturers will offer it as well with a purchase, but it can’t be guaranteed and is likely tied to a limited time promotion.

But what if you could guarantee it before even signing for your new car? HGreg offers one year of 24-hour roadside assistance with every vehicle purchase.


That’s right, nitrogen. Your tires are an expense you normally don’t think much about when it comes to purchasing a car. Even if your tires are new, in a year or so, they will have to be replaced. With many tires costing more than $100 a piece, you’re looking at a pretty big expense to get them replaced. So, if you could make them last longer, wouldn’t you?

That’s why at HGreg we fill all our cars’ tire with nitrogen. This helps your tires last up to 50% longer than those filled with regular air, improves fuel economy up to 10%, and decreases the likelihood of inflation problems by up to 75%. Now that’s a breath of fresh air.


Not many people are in the position to buy a new car in cash. For most of us, we need to go through the process of financing. While just about every car can come with financing these days, it’s more about the individual that affects what you can and cannot afford.

To make sure we get you the absolute best rate possible, we work with over 25 lenders. Approval is simple, and you could be out the door and into your car within in as little as 30 minutes—so you can start driving, faster.

Commission Free

If you buy your next car at a dealership, you’ll likely run into salespeople. They are there to help you in your car buying experience whether it be talking details, test driving, financing or filling out paperwork. What most people don’t realize is that many of these salespeople work on a commission which is a percentage of a total sale. What does this mean for you? They will want to try to get you into the most expensive car you can afford so they make more.

However, HGreg is different. Our associates are incentivized based on customer service performance, not by how many cars they sell. In fact, they all work commission-free, ensuring that they’ll help find a car that best suits your life.

The Right Price

What better feature can a car have than being the right price, right? Honestly, it’s probably one of the biggest concerns buyers have, which is thinking they can pay less for a car somewhere else.

At HGreg you don’t have to worry about buyer’s remorse. We offer the absolute lowest prices in Miami – guaranteed.

You can learn more about these features and more by visiting here or contacting an HGreg representative.

Three Ways to Buy a Car in Miami


You’ve saved up. You’ve decided you want a new car. You’ve even narrowed it down to the type and style of vehicle you want. But now comes the hardest part: where to buy?


One thing is for sure, there are no shortages of places to buy a car these days. The reality is that with the boom in technology and the Internet, it has made it especially easy to locate and buy. So what are we here to tell you today? We at HGreg want to help spotlight the most popular ways to find a car today and what’s going to work best to get you into your new car.

Personal Ads

Personal car listings have been around for a long time. They originated in places like newspapers, but quickly became so popular publications began printing their own classifieds. Even with all the digital options today, people still can find print classifieds and most major newspapers, even the local ones, have a section for them.

Now back to those digital options. Historically, platforms like craigslist have been an ideal place to find people selling their own personal items, such as a vehicle. However, A multitude of others exist as well. Similar to a listing you’d see in the paper, the online versions provide type, style, details and pricing.

When it comes personal ads, our recommendation is to basically be careful. While you can sometimes find one hell of a deal, the reality is that dealing with other individuals selling their vehicles leaves you vulnerable to many things, including false ads and uninspected vehicles. Now, that’s not to say it’s not a viable option, but one should be careful.

Online Sales

While online personal ads are a dime a dozen, there’s a recent trend in websites that are attempting to sell cars directly to you without you having to leave your couch. By visiting sites like Carvana, you can search an inventory of vehicles from anywhere. From there, you can check out all the details, including price, take a virtual tour and have it delivered to your door.


We aren’t sure about you, but this makes us nervous. There’s something about being able to physically see a vehicle and drive it that makes you feel better about the amount of money a car costs. Now that’s not to say that these types of selling options will not someday be the primary way people buy cars, but for now, this is another one to be cautious of.


There’s something about driving onto a car lot with the gleam of the cars, shine of the tires, and smiles of the sales associates, that makes dealerships a special experience. Now, we are a bit biased, but if you look at the reasons why a dealership is a great place to buy a car, we think you’ll agree. There may be fewer physical dealerships in Miami than any online options, but it also gives you the one thing those others don’t have, the opportunity to look, touch and drive immediately.


Some other reasons that a dealership might be the way to go for your next vehicle is that most offer an exchange policy. We know we have returned a few things in our days after buying them in the store and cars should be no different. For example, at HGreg, if you drive off the lot and don’t love your car, we have a 30 day exchange policy! Another reason dealerships are ideal is that they thoroughly inspect their vehicles before selling them. Most of them, like HGreg, have on-premise mechanics that make sure your new purchase is in top shape before you drive it home. Our cars are all HGreg TRUST Verified, too. You can read more about that here.

Lastly, in an age of screen to screen engagement that rules most of our days, it’s really nice to shake someone’s hand, look them in the eyes, and work together to find you what you need.


* Photo credit Flickr

3 Things to Look for in a Miami Dealership

Congratulations! You’ve likely decided that you’re in the market for a new or used car. That’s the first big step. Now, comes the process of deciding what and where you’ll want to purchase your car. While many people may think that all dealerships are made equal, the reality is they are not. You’ll want to ensure that the dealership you buy your next car from has the right experience for you. So, we’ve gone ahead and listed our three insider tips of what to look for in a Miami dealership!

Location, Location, Location


We all live busy lives and the weekends are spent, for the most part, trying to do what we really love (shopping, family, exercise, etc). So when it comes to finding a dealership, you’ll really want to have one that’s centralized and easy to access. There are no shortage of dealerships in the Miami area, but many lack the ability to get to easily and efficiently when your time is very valuable.

So what’s next for location? For the most part, you’ll want to try to stick to a dealership that is accessible by more than one main road. For example, at HGreg, we are not only accessible by Rt. 836, but also Rt. 826 and very close to the Ronald Reagan Turnpike. If the dealership you’re looking at for your next car is off the beaten path, then you may end up struggling to beat traffic there after or during work for a test drive, or even worse, spending your valuable weekend time trying to get there.

Finally, you may not have a current car to get to a dealership. With that said, you’ll want easy access to mass transportation options, like the bus. Having a dealership that’s on the bus route, like Hgreg, will make it a lot easier to get that new car you want and need! At the end of the day, make sure to keep location top of mind!

Price is Right

No, not the game show. We know that everyone talks about having the best prices. It’s a common message among dealerships. However, it’s fairly easy to do some simple research, such as calling the dealership, visiting and talking to a salesperson, or checking out an online selection, to weed out those that are true to their word. At Hgreg, we are true to our word and we do so through our lowest price in Miami. If you find a lower price it’s most likely that something is wrong with that car.

When it comes to comparing prices, there are several things to think about when you’re doing your research. First, remember that the price you’re seeing most likely doesn’t include vehicle registration fees, sales tax, documentation fees, and dealer fees. This is one reason it’s super important to find the very best price for the car itself. In addition, one dealership may have a great rate on a car only to find out they make up the difference elsewhere. Sneaky, sneaky.

Another great option for comparing prices and making sure you’re getting the very best deal is to use third-party independent car services. These services use data from dealerships to not only compare prices, but also the features you’re getting, and more. For example, at HGreg we use PureCars. The service is integrated into every one of our listings and allows you to easily see how the price, mileage and features compare to other similar cars. We believe that our listings are the very best and we back it up by using PureCars. Plain and simple.


Use Your Gut

Most of us can tell pretty quickly if something feels right or if it doesn’t. The reality is if you come to a dealership and it just doesn’t feel right, then you should walk away. Whether it’s a pushy salesperson, rude phone conversation, or glitches with the online search, you have the right to a great experience and should use your gut feeling when purchasing a new vehicle.


One way that HGreg makes our customers feel at home is what we call being Trust Verified. It’s our version of a seal of approval. Our goal is transparency. We check out our vehicles thoroughly and if it’s not good enough for our own families then we won’t sell it to you. We even allow you to drive the car off the lot and get it checked by your own mechanic before purchasing. It’s our way of gaining your trust and working to create a long term relationship with the customer.

At the end of the day, finding a dealership in Miami isn’t hard, but finding the right dealership that you can trust and have a great experience can be difficult. Do your homework, be knowledgeable about what you want, and use these tips. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at HGreg.com. We are here to give you the very best experience when it comes to purchasing a new car.


HGreg.com – The Dealership That Pays


Buy a car. Refer a friend. Earn some cash!

When we started out in 1993, we had a simple concept. We were determined to sell quality pre-owned vehicles at the cost we invested in them plus $399. That was it. That was our profit and that’s how we still operate today.

To this day, our jubilant customers still can’t believe the great deals they receive, which prompts them to tell everyone they know about us and how we operate.

In a world of television commercials and social media posts, we reflect on our humble beginnings where word-of-mouth was an essential component that helped us to get to where we are now. We value our word-of-mouth business and that is why we are introducing our Ambassador’s Reward Program. For each referral we are sent, we are paying $100 to the person who referred us.*

How it works!

If you are a previous customer who already purchased a vehicle and know someone who is in the market for a quality pre-owned vehicle, send them to us.** You get paid for each referral we receive from you. Make sure when your referral arrives they let us know that you sent them. They will need to provide us with your name, phone number, email address and mailing address.

For your convenience, you may visit our Ambassador’s Reward Program page and fill out the form. Once filled out, our team will verify that you and your referral both purchased a vehicle. Once verified, we will mail you a check. It’s that simple.

*Customer’s referral must purchase a vehicle in order to redeem the $100.

**Only customers who have already purchased a vehicle from HGreg.com or HGreglux.com may participate in our Ambassador’s Reward Program.




Top 5 Cars with Most Gas Mileage Per Gallon


Since 2013 the Fuel Economy Label on a car window sticker have changed tremendously. Rules and regulations have changed as well. Now with hybrids, electric cars and the influx of SUVs, this is an area that is bound to change. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requested that the labels be changed to reflect the added changes such as greenhouse gas and smog forming along with the consumption of fuel. These stickers have also added extra resources that can be accessed right from a smart phone. With all the changes that were made, we thought it would be good information to reveal the 5 most wanted cars due to the Gas Mileage per gallon for you to consider when purchasing your next car.

According to Kelley Blue Book, the vehicle in the sedan category for 2016 with the best gas mileage was the Volkswagen e-Golf. This efficient sedan gets a whopping 126/105 miles to the gallon and was number one out of 5 chosen in this category.

Consumer Reports gave the BMW i3 Giga a 139 overall rating and suggested this to be the best. As BMW’s first electric vehicle this, Beemer was also awarded AAA’s Green Car of the Year for 2016. Pretty impressive considering it’s not event met its full twelve months! Did we mention that this car gets 137 city miles per gallon and 111 on the highway? That’s outstanding! That’s almost as reliable as a moped or scooter.

The U.S. Department of Energy recognizes the Audi Q5 4-cylinder 2.0 as being the most fuel efficient with 14 miles in the city versus 19 miles on the highway and getting an average of 6.3 gallons. Fueleconomy.gov is a reliable source for the official website for the United States government. The other vehicle in this class estimated 14/20 with approximate 17 mpg combined city and highway driving. That vehicle was no other than the Chevrolet Equinox AWD.

The Chevrolet Equinox AWD is constructed of a 4-cylinder 2.4-liter engine and is a 6-speed automatic.

While this SUV hosts plenty of room, the gas mileage is certainly something to boast. Although the car runs on regular gas it’s noted to get about 23 miles per gallon in combined freeway and city driving. You can check it out by visiting http://www.fueleconomy.gov.

Lastly the Toyota Prius C class is subcompact and gets 50 combined city and highway miles. According to Fueleconomy.gov, you’ll save approximately $3500 over an estimated 5-year period which is just enough for you to use as a down payment on your next vehicle. With all the savings on gas, it’s going to be a hard sell to anything more efficient.

While the car manufacturers have become more accurate after years of testing for things such as emissions and fuel economy, these are still estimates. Considering how your fuel is affected, depends on where you live versus the type of driver you are. The information in this blog is subject to change and you can find more updates by subscribing to our weekly blogs.

For information regarding cars and trucks that meet your gas mileage needs, contact the professionals at our dealership.

Today’s Top 10 Vehicle Brands Found in the USA

GreenBikini-2With the economy being stable, gas prices slowly rising and the unemployment rate at its lowest in over a decade, the auto industry has really flourished. That being said, many of today’s luxury and exotic car brands are staying in the limelight but domestics continue to hold their own in a steady market. We’ve put together a snapshot of the most chart-topping brands found on today’s American roadways. Take a look.

1. Audi

2. BMW

3. Buick

4. Honda

5. Kia

6. Lexus

7. Mazda

8. Porsche

9. Subaru

10. Toyota

Audi continues to hold a strong presence for both car ‘appreciationists’ as well as practical car buyers. Since the beginning of time, or 1899 this company has been making precision styled cars that appeal to the luxury market. This car brand still carries the torch for those graduating from Audi’s entry level brand the Volkswagen. The Audi A4/S4 continues to hold a 5-star rating with NHTSA but not with IIHS. Nonetheless, if you’re seeking one of the most stable foreign made cars that’s a heavy hitter, perhaps Audi is your brand?


Next up, BMW. The Beemer is has continued to impress their drivers and passengers since the 1920’s. This manufacturer introduced their first 6-cylinder luxury model in 1932. The BMW customer continues showing their loyalty today, with an increase in their 7 series along with the X3 model. These are for the serious car driver and not a toy although, the Mini-Coupe has held its own with a 0.3% increase in sales for 2016 so far.

“That’s not a Buick” campaign really proved to change the face of this brand going from your grandfather’s jalopy to a more innovative and luxurious model. With sleek designing, loaded with features and a 250hp turbocharged engine, any of their current models are sure to impress.

The Honda continues to be one of American’s top brands. Carrying out a strict mission of selling some of the most highly rated cars, crossovers and SUVs. With the long lasting engines, crafty use of space and the longevity of models like the Accord, this brand has gained the trust of people living in the states without a doubt.

Straight from the shores of Seoul, Korea and winner of the Edmund’s 2015 most popular the Kia Soul can be seen on just about any street located across the great divide. What was surprising to note is that this car made it in the subcompact category for two years in a row. These cars have gained a tremendous amount of momentum while seeking their footprint here in the U.S. and according to Edmunds they are here to stay.


Toyota’s luxury model brand “LEXUS” still rates a 8.6 on the J.P. Power & Associates scorecard. With the 2016 Lexus NX ranking 5 out of 14 Luxury Compact SUVs, this brand is stellar with performance and style. Take one look at the detail and you know that these vehicles were crafted with pride. This brand is an excellent choice for those wanting something that’s both functional and sharp.

Zoom-Zoom is the appropriate slogan for one of the best performing brands on the market today. The Mazda brand was awarded an overall score of 75. The Mazda CX3 delivers 33mpg and is noted to be one of the more exciting subcompact crossover vehicles with some guts to it. If this is a category you’re contemplating for the next car, definitely check this one out.

Starting with the 911 Carrera, Porsche has expressed longevity, performance and some of the best known for its signature styling. The critics rate the overall score for the 911 at a 9.2 which is the highest it can get next to the Porsche Boxster. Agile handling, powerful engines and the Porsche dynamics, this brand is no joke.

Subaru received excellent press after it’s redesigning and re-branding. They became really aggressive with repurposing their brand to become a leader in the automotive world. According to a study done by J.D. Power and Associates for the 2008 Customer Retention Study, Subaru ranked at 50.5%, which was above the national average of 48%. This car is opening a lot of newer doors with a natural approach with the “It’s what make Subaru, a Subaru.” We’re sure to see a lot more of this brand for the years ahead.

Don’t get us started on Toyota. Although they’re hard to find, if you look hard enough you can still see some of the oldest Toyotas running strong on today’s freeways. The die-hard engines, simple yet well-crafted construction from the cars nose to the rear, you can see why this car maintains its client loyalty. The Toyota Tacoma reached its 20-year anniversary but these cars have been in the U.S. for over 60 years total. In an article published by Time/Life magazine it was noted that Toyota’s first pickup truck the Hilux was of sound production. The car featured in this article had over a million miles on its original engine! That’s right 1 million miles and the proud owner was still driving it. It’s not a wonder that the Toyota brand will be here for a long time to come.

While we couldn’t mention every make and model in this particular article, be sure to watch out for our next blog for more info on what’s going on in the world of cars.

For more information on purchasing a car or truck, contact our team.